Codiecon Hackathon

Keep calm and hack.

You look up from your computer, the sun is rising, you have forgotten about time, a problem has consumed you so much, you look around, there are a few folks lying on couches, heads down on tables, bags of chips strewn around, empty wrappers, coffee mugs, bottles of coke. You don’t recall if you were in the shower yesterday. Your shoes are nowhere to be found. You turn back and stare at the screen on your laptop, it seems to be staring back at you. You are consumed by the beauty in front of you, the masterpiece that’s taken 3 days of sheer bull dog persistence and grit and wonderfully it’s yours.

You look around for the team that helped you create it. Hari is nowhere to be found, Jose is slouched in a corner and Meg just walked in the door. You call Hari – he picks after 9 rings, you tell him to come on over quickly, you collect the team and show them the masterpiece. There are a whole lot of oohs and aahs – high fiving and back slapping. There is camaraderie. A new level of confidence in doing something new, very new, innovative and making technology work to achieve it.

When was the last time you experienced a rush of excitement and a sense of achievement?

A hackathon is like finding religion – it consumes you, stretches you,  tests you, and then there is light. A sense of creation.

Coviam’s Hack Day CodieCon, the company’s flagship hackathon event was back for this quarter held from July 07 – 09, 2017. 3 days of keep calm and hack. 23 teams participated and there were cash awards for 8 teams winning in different categories. 75 covengers participated on some exciting projects and products on.

  1. Machine Learning
  2. IOT
  3. Big Data
  4. Robotics & Virtual Reality
  5. Mobile Apps
  6. Fin Tech
  7. Gaming
  8. Developer Productivity
  9. User Experience – Human Computer Interaction

Codiecon had whatever one would like to have in such an event – excellent food, competitive atmosphere, whiteboard exercises, a lot more. Participants had comfortable sleeping arrangements, 24×7 access to snacks, beverages and always willing to help organisers. Team of all-nighters and hackers innovated continuously for two-days & three nights to complete their projects. After sleepless nights and millions of lines of code in MacBooks of participants, it was the judgement day for them.

A panel of judges that had industry experts and domain specialists were invited to evaluate the projects.

Here’s what Ankit, one of the participant has to say about his CodieCon experience:

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity in COVIAM to participate in Codiecon.

With just a little experience I feared that my inexperience could dictate my first hackathon, but it turned out to be great learning experience. After meeting several other participants, I was feeling more and more anxious about it because the ideas crowd had was completely out of the box. I learned so much just from speaking and interacting with the people there.

My team spent a good amount of time planning and conceptualising our project. It’s funny how quickly time passes when you are surrounded by determined and equally caffeinated people.

Our idea was “Project Management” creating an end-to-end software to track bugs, regular work status and project progress. It was for helping companies to handle projects more efficiently and spending valuable time in building excellent products and not in non-functional stuff which inexpensive in terms of time.

The demo was really amazing in such small period of time people were able to create something from scratch. For me, it was great learning experience. I would love to participate again as it happens very often in our company COVIAM.


Anupamol shares her experience too.

“I have never been part of any Hackathon before, so for me it was a mind boggling experience. The all night coding sessions & positive pressure of working on an idea to produce something very valuable was great.
Hackathon helped me in knowing my weak points, shaping my programming skills and working in a team with highly skilled developers. It is fun when you’re working as a team. More than winning the prize, it’s an experience through which I learned a lot. This experience taught me how important it is to go out and get as much experience as you can. You are left with only one option of getting out there and learn! Want to solve a complex problem? Get out there and start solving complex problems!
Thank you Coviam for arranging such an event and for encouraging me to be part of such events! Looking forward to the next Hackathon event.”

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