Coviam wins Bug-A-Sur – January 2017


One of the biggest bug-a-thons in India, Bug-A-Sur held on 21 Jan 2017 was back again in Bangalore with a bang with more apps, more bugs and bigger cash prizes. Hats off to Venturesity to have organized such an event at a grand scale and pull in 100+ participants and that too on a Saturday!

Bug-A-Sur, a demon that catches and kills all the bugs, true to its name was a mind-boggling experience for the QA community in Bangalore. The 110 confident and ecstatic demons that helped in killing a lot of bugs were actually angels in disguise for all the apps provided by Rentomojo, Vebbler, Bottr and Pixtory.

Held at the uber cool Thought Factory, Diamond District, a climate for innovation and re-invention had been setup in which enthusiastic testers were challenged to debug and test some of the countryโ€™s coolest apps. The event kickstarted after all the app owners gave a brief introduction on each of their apps and how and what to test. Soon the testers began the process of scrutinizing each app thoroughly either in teams or single-handedly and this continued for 4 long hours.

Surely, in no time the bugs started pouring in on the Venturesity platform and owners started validating the bugs logged. Obviously, this event was greatly beneficial for the app owners. This saved time and encouraged test coverage across devices and platforms. Cross platform, cross browser and cross software approaches meant a lot of bugs, which in turn meant cleaner and stronger apps. Later, the winners for each app were announced and cash prizes were given out in the range of INR 10k, 5k and 3k. There were a few exciting events on the side as well,  keeping as all hooked and engaged throughout the Bugathon. We also had the best tweet about Bugasur competition.

Out of the 110 participants, around 10 were from Coviam. It was a proud feeling to compete with and challenge my fellow Coviamites. I mean, such is the environment created at Coviam by the leadership team that we had so many participants from here. It was even more delightful when 5 out of 10 of Coviamites were declared winners in one or the other apps and categories. We surely raised the bar of this competition. Well what can you say, competing has become a part of Coviam culture.

This event not only helped us showcase our technical prowess but also provided a great opportunity to grow our network and socialize. I hope we continue to participate in such events and set a new benchmark in the QA world!

By Sheenum Attri

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