Automation Testing Does What Manual Testing Cannot

Digitization has become a way of life. Businesses are fast adopting digital transformation. From shopping to publishing, education to entertainment, recruitment to working, every facet of life is becoming digital and automation is taking digitization to the next level. Anything that can be repeated without interference can be done by a machine. Though the idea seems simple, its implementation involves complex technology innovations. With the advancements made in Artificial Intelligence (AI), the possibilities of automation have become even larger. Automation in Testing brings along with it all the benefits of automation in general – accuracy, faster results, lesser downtime etc., but the biggest benefits offered by automation testing are far beyond any of these.

As a thought leader, I have always believed that human intelligence cannot be surpassed by anything artificial. Human resources bring in diversity and exclusivity. We cannot expect this from machines and that’s exactly where automation helps. From my experience, here are the real benefits of automation testing.

Automation Testing

Reusable Test Code

Automation testing, using proven tools such as Selenium, will definitely free the developers and testers from having to bother about software performance as they are rolled out. The domain and testing automation expert can prepare the test cases (scripting being technical in nature). These can be run repeatedly until the results are satisfactory and meet the quality guidelines.

Better Productivity and Efficiency

Every time there’s a change, whether minute or considerable, the software has to go through the entire cycle of testing, which becomes monotonous. Monotony decreases efficiency and productivity. Automation saves your human resources from having to perform monotonous testing activities. Instead, put their brilliance to better use by getting them to work on newer modules that require their diligence.

Test On 24/7

Machines, unlike humans, do not demand much rest or downtime. For performance testing or load testing, you can automate the entire module and run it overnight while your human testers can rest their brains and chill out to come up with innovative ideas.

Better ROI

Despite the initial investment involved, automation has already proven to keep the cost in check and bring in better ROI in the long run. As it saves human effort and time, it also helps in reducing the human cost involved in testing.

Better User Experience

Focusing on the quality of results than the quantity is key to ensuring the success of testing and development. Qualified and experienced humans analyse the test results and determine the quality. Test automation gives them more time to focus on the quality of results and analyses. This results in better product and user experience.

At Coviam, we focus on how technology can help improve the lives of our engineers as well as the end-users. We put automation to its best use to ensure the best quality.

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