Why do organizations need a Specialized QA team?

With the emergence of disruptive technologies such as machine learning, AI, iOT or Mobile we would need to always deliver products with good quality. Customer is concerned about quality and may not be consider the underlying technology that helps build the product that they use day-to-day. QA team stands in the forefront of making quality happen for customers. Good quality can be delivered with the right mix of understanding the business, using the right test process and with the tools that meets the customer’s needs.

Knowledge gain from Experience

Tester’s job is not just to check the application is working as expected they also have to ensure that application is not performing any actions that it is not supposed to perform. Their expertise arises from the fact that they focus only on QA.

Knowledge on the best approach

They bring in various best practices in testing and can offer guidance and assistance in implementing test automation. Their test advisory services help you choose the testing methodology best suited for your project. They bring the benefit of established test processes. You can take advantage of the best testing concepts like agile, TDD, BDD.

Knowledge on Process/Tools

Processes are those things you do to use the tools in front of you as well as those things you must do in lieu of having the proper tools to do the job. Process improvements are represented by an adherence to enterprise processes, the inclusion of innovation as part of the organizational process, and an organization that is proactive, rather than reactive.

Knowledge on latest Technology

QA team always gives importance for newly emerging technologies as they keep them updated on the tools and new approaches to testing unlike other staff organisations.

They are well aware of the emerging trends and technologies in testing like cloud testing, mobile testing, security testing etc. and possess the models and frameworks necessary to test them.

By Sreeram Krishna
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